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Treatments for Dry Eye!

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In our office, we do visits called Dry Eye Evaluations. At this appointment, we perform advanced imaging to look at the quality of your oil glands, the surface of your cornea, and your lids and lashes. With this advanced imaging we can identify the severity of your ocular surface disease so we can customize a treatment plan that works best for you. Our Dry Eye Clinic is prepared with options ranging from good, better, to best depending on your needs.

Eyedrops are not always the answer!

Did you know that starting an Omega3 can improve the quality of your oil glands within 3 months? You don’t want any over the counter Omega3 due to undisclosed chemicals and ingredients, so we have been using PRN OmegaDe3s. They are a specialty pharmacy that specializes in dry eye Omega3s!

Did you know that lid hygiene is also a VITAL part of improving your dry eye symptoms? Everyone has natural bacteria on their lids and lashes called Biofilm, and that plays a role in discomfort, and irritation with dry eye. Starting a lid hygiene protocol with the right lid cleaners/lid washes/and even facial cleanser can make all the difference!

When it comes to advanced treatments that extend far beyond eyedrops, and ointments, are where our BIG treatment options come in! These are more effective, and work quicker to really treat the cause of dry eye disease vs. treating the symptoms. We offer 3 treatments that really work at identifying and treating the root of ocular surface disease/ocular rosacea/meibomian gland dysfunction.

  1. The IPL (Intense Pulse Light): “Uses pulses of light to treat a common cause of dry eye — meibomian gland dysfunction. It liquifies hardened oil that can plug the gland, clearing it and stabilizing the tear film. It also kills bacteria and mites and decreases inflammation by closing abnormal blood vessels.”
  2. LLLT (Low Level Light Treatment): “LED lights to gently warm up the eyelids, causing the meibomian glands to unclog and release oils.”
  3. Radiofrequency: “When RF is applied to the skin adjacent to the eyes, the heat from the treatment melts the thick oil secretions blocking the meibomian glands, facilitating easier gland expression and improved oil flow.”

We have many other treatments options for you and are dedicated to education regarding this topic. If you think you may be having symptoms of dry eye, please contact our office!

Written by Raigne Kirton

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