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Swift Action Can Preserve Your Vision

Eye emergencies require immediate help, and we’re ready to provide it. Please contact us immediately if you or a loved one is experiencing an eye emergency.

If your emergency happens outside of our regular practice hours, please visit your nearest emergency room.

Types of Eye Emergencies

If you or a loved one are experiencing an eye emergency, the best thing to do is to call for help immediately. However, there might be some things you could do to manage the situation before help arrives.

Before managing the emergency, take a moment to recognize what type of injury it is. If possible, you may follow some of these first-aid tips.

Physical Trauma

Physical trauma is any impact to your eye or surrounding area. Common symptoms include black eyes, swelling, eye pain, or bleeding.

In these emergencies, place a cold compress over the injured area and contact our team or another medical professional.

Chemical contact with bleach, vinegar, or battery acid can cause serious harm to your eyes. Immediately flush your eyes with cool, clean water for 15 minutes and seek emergency medical attention.

Rips, tears, and punctures are severe injuries that require immediate medical care. You may try to protect the eye with an eye shield, but be careful not to let the shield contact the injury. Please visit your nearest emergency room.

Foreign objects, like dust, dirt, metal, and wood, can lodge themselves in your eye and cause serious irritation or even injury.

If a particle is stuck in your eye, do not rub them. Instead, try blinking to help move it from your eye, or flush your eyes with cool, clean water.

If you find no relief or if your symptoms are worsening, please seek medical attention.

Eye diseases, like wet AMD and closed-angle glaucoma, can cause serious symptoms. Some of these symptoms can include eye pain, redness, flashes, floaters, or even sudden vision loss. 

If you’re experiencing emergency symptoms related to eye disease, please seek immediate assistance from our team or your nearest emergency room.

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