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Honing the Skills That Serve Your Vision

Your vision is much more than your visual quality—it’s also the systems that control your eye functions! From the moment we’re born, we start developing a range of essential eye skills like movement, tracking, focusing, and teaming, all of which are crucial for navigating and taking part in the world around us.

However, various issues can occur throughout our lifetime that could affect the efficiency of these skills. Our optometric vision therapy services train these functions with various tools and exercises, honing the skills your vision needs to perform at its best!

Our vision therapy services can help children and adults make the most of their vision. Request an appointment with our team today!

What Is Vision Therapy?

Optometric vision therapy uses neuroscience and neuroplasticity principles to effectively treat conditions such as crossed eyes, lazy eye, vision-based learning problems, and more. 

Our comprehensive approach incorporates coordinated movement, balance, visual processing, and cognitive abilities to establish and strengthen the neural connections between the brain and the visual system.

Our doctors, therapists, and staff provide a personalized approach to help patients improve their quality of life in the classroom, workplace, and home.

Our Vision Therapy Process

Supporting the relationship between your brain and vision is of special importance to us at Vision Therapy Institute. When you visit us for a vision therapy appointment, we’ll take a detailed look at the type of skills you need to improve and provide a customized, one-on-one plan to help you reach your goals.

Whether you’re struggling with school, having trouble playing sports, or have a child growing up with lazy or crossed eyes, our caring, compassionate team is here to help.

Essential Visual Skills

We focus on a range of visual skills during our vision therapy sessions. Each of these skills are used in your day-to-day life and can be affected by traumatic brain injuries or other neurological issues.

These skills include:

  • Eye-tracking (following moving objects)
  • Eye accommodation (focusing)
  • Convergence (ability to cross the eyes and uncross them)
  • Eye teaming
  • Depth perception
  • Eye-hand coordination

Visual skills are learned during early childhood development but can be improved at any age with practice and training. An increasing amount of evidence-based research has shown optometric vision therapy to be successful in:

  • Helping patients develop or improve fundamental visual skills and abilities.
  • Improving visual comfort, ease, and efficiency.
  • Changing how a patient processes or interprets visual information by enhancing or developing visual processing.
  • Treating conditions, such as crossed eyes, lazy eye, and poor eye-hand coordination.
  • Rehabilitation of visuospatial deficits.
  • Retrain the visual system to help eliminate visual symptoms after a brain injury.
  • Establish multi-sensory integration.
  • Reducing motion sensitivity
    improving visual – vestibular (vision-balance) relationships.

Each patient works on a one-to-one basis with our doctors and therapists. The frequency and length of treatment vary with diagnosis and depend on the patient’s individual needs and goals.

In each therapy session, we guide the patient through a series of visual challenges that often incorporate the use of:

  • Therapeutic lenses
  • Prisms
  • Filters
  • Electronic targets with timing mechanisms
  • Optometric phototherapy
  • Balance boards
  • Virtual Reality
  • Sanet Vision Integrator
  • Techniques that integrate movement, balance, auditory processing, and cognitive abilities

Sports Vision Training

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or serious athlete, Vision Therapy Institute can give you a competitive advantage by improving your dynamic visual acuity, hand-eye coordination, depth perception, visual tracking, and reaction time. 

Concussions from sports can cause a range of visual skill problems, including blurred vision, focusing problems, light sensitivity, and more. Our team addresses these issues with a customized plan, strengthening the relationship between your eyes and brain.

We establish visual confidence by teaching our patients how to control their vision with greater agility and efficiency.

Begin Your Vision Therapy Program Today

Just like your eye health, your vision also needs care to keep it performing its best. Discover how our innovative approach to vision therapy can help support your visual skills and keep you seeing confidently.

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